E-commerce solutions

E-commerce solutions


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Grozeo aims to empower small-to-medium businesses and support them through the whole process of building a successful online business. 

Grozeo provides a FREE e-commerce solution that enables the creation of a website in under three minutes, just three steps, requiring no technical expertise or upfront investment. 

How it works: 

Create a website in three steps:

  1. Add a phone number and confirm via OTP text message
  2. Add VAT and it will prepopulate business information, but you can choose to say “don't have VAT” and enter details manually in step #3
  3. Add your address, business information, business type and contact person

Your website is live!

The all-in-one solution covers an individually branded e-commerce platform (storefront), has a product database of up to 250,000 with a packing system (app), with an integrated delivery system (hyper, courier, slot and pick-up delivery) and automated dropshipping system (digital shelf space).

Using AI and real-time customer support and marketing support systems, we guarantee 100 customers in two weeks or less for each business. 

Our target market is small to medium businesses selling products, such as grocery store owners, gift shops, butchers, takeaways and off license store owners. 



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