Help to Grow at LCF

Help to Grow at LCF
Daniel Henderson

University of the Arts London (UAL)

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Give your business a competitive edge with 12 weeks of executive learning to fit around your working week. Fashion Business School (FBS) at UAL's London College of Fashion presents this 12-week executive learning program, emphasizing government-funded opportunities, mentorship, and access to a leading arts and design university.

  • Networking and mentorship: National networking and 1:1 mentorship for 10 hours.
  • Government funding: 90% funding from the UK government, enhancing accessibility.
  • Reputation and focus: FBS's global reputation for responsible leadership and innovation in fashion, within Europe's top arts and design university, UAL. FBS & UAL
  • Significance: A global hub for fashion expertise, contributing to London's creative development and fostering award-winning alumni.

Help to Grow Management programme using senior creative and fashion industry experts and leaders from within Fashion Business School. The course will cover key areas of leadership including:

    • Strategy and innovation
    • Adopting digital technology
    • Growing national and international markets
    • Building vision and brand
    • Developing a marketing strategy
    • Organisational design
    • Employee engagement and leading change
    • High-performance teams
    • Efficient operations
    • Finance and financial management

Fashion Business School (FBS) at London College of Fashion (LCF),University of the Arts London (UAL), enjoys a global reputation as it is the only business school wholly focused upon the fashion industry and its commitment to the development of responsible leaders, managers and innovative thinkers.

UAL is Europe’s principal specialist arts and design university and delivers one of London’s largest programmes of creative professional development that forms a significant part of the capital’s creative research and development, innovation and enterprise infrastructure. Over two thirds of British ‘Designer of the year’ winners are UAL alumni.

Eligibility requirements

  • Age: Under 18; 18-34; 35-45; 46-59; Over 60.
  • Ethnicity: None.
  • Gender: None.
  • Other eligibility: To be able to register for this programme you must meet the following eligibility criteria: Be a leader and/or a senior manager from a UK based small and medium sized business that has been operating for over a year with between five and 249 employees.
Daniel Henderson

University of the Arts London (UAL)

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