Marketing strategy, campaign planning and performance coaching

Marketing strategy, campaign planning and performance coaching
Beverley Corson

Next Level business club

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For small business owners and directors from any sector, who have some traction with their marketing and sales efforts but it's ad-hoc and not driving as many of the types of leads they want.

The following is included depending on needs:

  • Clarifying your marketing strategy: Who do you want to offer what to and what general approach is suitable
  • Review current marketing and advise on how to build on that for maximum effect
  • Website review and advice to ensure it reflects your strategy, is fit for purpose, can engage your target market as effectively as possible, has routes into your pipeline and integrates with your other marketing approaches
  • Exploring possible market segments and how to access them
  • Looking at all marketing tactics and mediums, and selecting the right ones online and offline for the chosen target group
  • Look at your services and how they might fit with a targeted campaign
  • Look for a campaign concept for a communication campaign to invite into your network
  • Identify possible promotions/lead magnets to engage and re-engage to maximise visibility and the number of touch points to attract interest and generate leads
  • Look at marketing messages in alignment with the campaign and overall strategy
  • Create a marketing/communications schedule for a time-framed campaign using relevant channels
  • Explore outbound marketing approaches
Beverley Corson

Next Level business club

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