Promotional video adverts

Promotional video adverts
Colin Johnson

Ad-Screen Ltd

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SMEs, reach more customers and increase your sales whilst also supporting your local community and making a positive impact. What if… your business advert could be a captivating TV advert? 

We create and display engaging adverts that reach viewers in places where they are either waiting, exercising, or relaxing, connecting local businesses with public places, such as hospital waiting areas, dentists, gyms and hair salons. All have high traffic and captive audiences. 

We showcase your products and services to hundreds of potential customers every day on screens in video hosts, who you will also be helping to support as they get 26.5% of your subscription fee for promoting you. Our goal is to create a community partnership beneficial to all and not only that, we are also creating job opportunities for agents so everybody benefits.

We offer free video creation when you subscribe for a minimum hosting period. Our prices start from just £39.00 per month for a 15-second video and include a full web page in our directory, exclusive to our active advertisers. It can also be found on a QR code displayed on the hosted videos.

Reduce your costs and join a network of local businesses and hosts that are committed to their community and the environment.

Eligibility requirements

  • Age: None
  • Ethnicity: None
  • Gender: None
  • Disability: Not applicable
Colin Johnson

Ad-Screen Ltd

I have been in both business consultancy and owned my own business over the last 20 years where I was a preferred partner working at senior levels with Castrol - BP. I was engaged to present many added value business propositions for them to senior board members at some of the largest car manufacturers in the UK and Europe. I am now working with Vicky Fletcher in a new business we conceived over many conversations and then launched in January 2024. We have a new concept, and the response so far has been amazing and we look forward to being able to work in partnership with local businesses and communities to bring something very different to all those involved. 

The new business 

With Ad-Screen, you can achieve a breakthrough in marketing – reach your customers with TV Style Advertising in places where they are more attentive and at affordable prices!

Advertise your business on Ad-Screen TV, the new in-house visual display service that reaches customers in locations such as doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, dentists, vets, hair salons, nail bars, gyms and social gatherings. Ad-Screen will create captivating ads with high – impact graphics and engaging content that showcase your products, events, pricing and more

Ad-Screen helps you reach your target audience and boost your brand awareness by capturing their interest whilst they are waiting around. Our videos have sound, but the host can adjust the volume level at their own discretion

Ad-Screen TV ads can run from 15 seconds or longer, depending on your needs and budget. With our flexible Ad-Screen subscriptions, you can show your video ads on as many hosts as you like and reach the audiences you want

Ad-Screen is transforming the way digital advertising works. With Ad-Screen, we create your campaigns that reach customers who are more attentive and engaged. You will also help your local community and make a positive difference, because we share 26.5% of the revenue with our venue hosts. If you qualify as a host, you can even earn money while promoting your own business!

WHY?…Because it’s time for a change, to make a difference for everyone and to give something back to our local communities, every business needs to earn money and we know running a business is hard enough with little help from anyone

We are passionate about helping to provide funds for places like doctors’ surgeries and hospitals who do everything to help us but get very little support back

OUR GOAL… is to provide extra revenue to our video hosts such as surgeries, hospitals, dentists, plus vets, gyms, hair salons etc. all who have a captive audience, and we will deliver better results for advertisers for less money than any other advertising media used by businesses

HOW?… Because most agencies are only in it to make a profit, and we are happy to share 26.5% of the advert revenue with our video hosts

Plus… We are providing our advertisers with added value such as a web directory (or physical web page if they don’t have one) for Free and the video is theirs to also use as they wish

With all of us being involved, We All help each other, and We All gain something from it. This country has lost the spirit it had of supporting each other. These are our local communities, so let’s get this spirit back, together we can do this, a truly supportive partnership

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